Tuesday, November 8, 2011

僕と虎様 (Tiger Deity and Me) 1券


Nawa Horang-inim Download (MediaFire)

Korean : 나와 호랑이님(Nawa Horang-inim)
Japanese : 僕と虎様
English : Tiger Deity and Me

Nawa Horang-inim(Tiger Deity and Me) series is published by SeedNovel(시드노벨) which is Korean oriented light novel publisher. This book is based on Korean legend, Dangunsinhwa(단군신화).
One day Kang Seohun(강서훈) is going to his father's hometown because he heard that his grandfather is ill. At that hometown, he notice that his grandfather's illness is false and is forced to marry rang-i(it means tiger in Korean) whose aspect is just 12-year-old girl. Lang-i already love seohun very much so seohun is willing to take care of her

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